The New Year 2016 is one month completed and life is rushing along for each of us. Resolutions for the year are either in full swing or lost somewhere along the way.

Time is in fast motion, racing ahead of us. We have a choice: react with panic or respond with calm. Life in balance is an organized state of affairs compared to life in panic mode which is made up of confusion and the upheaval of worry.With calm control and focus we make good life decisions. Knowing how to juggle and constantly readjust and refocus is the name of the game towards success.  Agility and lots of breathing will get you there calmly.

Calm over Panic requires us to learn life skills and coping tools. Lifestyle change will be necessary.

Calm living means MAKING time for what counts. I work with executives, stay-at-home moms (the true 24/7 job), retirees and young go-getters starting out in life. It’s all the same. For all of us life balance is like being on a surf board. First we need to get our feet grounded on the board then flexibility is needed to navigate the waves, and finally going with the flow makes it all possible.So too in life. Getting grounded, being flexible and going with the flow will take you far. It is possible to live the life you love and actually enjoy the road along the way.  Infuse every day with meaning and let calm lead the way.


4 Healthy Tips to Let Go of Panic and move towards Calm:

1. Focus on what really matters:

Get in touch with the deeper meaning of life: family, friends, spirit and space. Find what really matters to you. Make it a priority this year to look inward. What brings a smile to your face? What makes your heart sing? Where do you see yourself making a difference? You don’t have to save the world. Just knowing where you fit in and contribute will make the difference. When we find ourselves doing and being in this place, calm living sets in.

2. Create a Plan that works for YOU:

The good stuff in life doesn’t automatically happen. An effort is required. Having more fun requires effort. Relaxing and time for rest requires effort. Creating calm requires effort.

What kind of effort? The effort of making it happen. Again making it a priority to stop the “work” you’re doing, and give yourself a break.

How?  Go to a coffeeshop and have a brainstorming session with yourself. Connect to tip number one, find what really matters to you.  Put your ideas into writing with a timeline for practical actions to lead you to this meaning. Fit fun, relaxation and rest into your daily scheduele. You’ll finally see panic take a back seat to calm.

3. Financial awareness: Make it fun, Make it a Priority

Overspending and debt not only puts strain on the budget but puts general pressure in ones’ life. It’s hard to live a life of calm when you are overburdened by the worry of paying the bills. Set up an appointment at your bank with an advisor to help you create peace with your money. Learn from various financial related videos on youtube.

Subscribe to financial newsletters with up- to- date information. Educate yourself and take action steps to living with money with calm.

4. Be Gentle with yourself this year

Do, do, do! That seems to be the motto of this generation. I’m telling you here: Be, be, be!

Find space in your life.

Allow yourself to be.

Allow yourself to let go and not be “perfect” for a moment.

Allow yourself to sit, watch, laugh and join in with some fun.

Tip two was about fitting calm into your scheduele. This tip is about fitting calm into your mind set.

Mental Outlook is half the battle. The Power of Now, staying in the present moment is one amazing tool. Don’t be a slave to anxiety and fretting. You have the power to be in charge. This moment is what is real. By being gentle with yourself, allowing good to come your way and focusing in THIS moment (no future tripping!), you’ll be on your way to a better life.


Calm. No panic. A better life.

Your lifestyle choices may have to change but it will be so worthwhile in the end.

One baby step at a time!