How Coaching Works with Julie at Possibility:

My coaching specialty is working with women going through divorce, especially those who have experienced their husband leaving. Together we look at your specific situation and analyze where you are, where you want to go and the gap in-between. Getting clear is the first step towards your better life.

Your ability to take positive action for your life and ultimately bring goodness for the world is something I support and believe in.

I stand by you.  Through Analyzing and Strategizing you create the vision and plan for your better life. 

Each client has a different process but there are some common pathways in our coaching.

  • Together we focus on your talents, strengths and unique abilities.
  • I believe you are capable of creating your better life and able to achieve your projects with purpose and dreams by taking one step at a time.
  • I ask provocative questions.  By helping you look inward,  your ability to find your answers is enhanced.
  • I ask you to step up to the plate:  coaching provides the perfect environment for you to get the support you need. A place of accountability is created between you and I that opens the space for your forward movement.
  • I make direct requests.  I ask you to take action on your hopes, dreams and plans.  I want you to fly!  The client is asked a direct request for action.  She can either accept the request, propose her own request of herself or decline. 
  • The main work of coaching is done between sessions by the client….all progress and work is client directed.
  • I listen… then give observations and feedback… I make suggestions and at times give appropriate educational information.
  • Different techniques are utilized:  depending on the learning style of the client. Visualizations, affirmations and various strategizing techniques are put in place to help you grow.
  • Sharing and caring… a beautiful coach-client relationship develops.
  • ANALYZE, STRATEGIZE, TAKE ACTION:  That’s the bottomline of our coaching together.
  • It’s all about DESIGNING YOUR LIFE FOR THE GOOD and creating breathing space with more time and more energy.

One on One Coaching:

All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone in the convenience of your own home or office

Coaching Sessions – 3 Month Package

3 Month Program
  • 3 months of support and accountability with Coach Julie Starr. This package includes 9 telephone sessions and email support.


1 Individual Session
  • Join Julie for an individual 1 on 1 private session

Group Coaching

Julie has created concise 3 week workshops (held once a week for one hour in the comfort of your home by telephone). Join like-minded women on the bridgeline to discuss and learn.

Self Care Program

3 Week Workshop
  • Create a Self Care Plan. Be inspired and directed towards your success!

Vision Accomplished

3 Week Workshop
  • Create the life you love
    Knowing what you want in life and creating the vision for it is the basis of this workshop. Lots of assignments, insights and support towards living the life you love.