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The Joy of Routines

When you hear the word routine, what comes to mind?  Does it conger up a feeling of joy or dread?  In my life coaching practice I have seen many women react with dread but quickly change their mindset once I explain the essence of Joy available within routines.  Bottomline: Routines allow you to GET WHAT [...]

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Healthy Boundaries

“Boundaries protect you from people that your spirit cannot easily afford.” – Coach U We all want to live healthier and better lives. A vital component of creating this reality is having joyful, balanced relationships, as these connections allow us to spend our days feeling nurtured and loved. Yet, all relationships require healthy boundary setting, [...]

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Life is Full of Miracles

We live our daily lives doing our “work” – running errands, cleaning up, making phone calls and simply making order of this physical world. Most of us in this generation live lives in the fast lane. Children are enrolled in numerous programs, in addition to the long strenuous hours they spend at school. Parents are [...]

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Coaching Works!

Enjoy this published article by one of my amazing clients: What I learned from my life coach

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Authentic Living: Becoming More of Who You Are

Being the authentic you is a concept we hear a lot about these days. The idea is about being who you are. Dancing as if no one is watching. Standing up for what you believe in and living the life you love. But what does this all mean? What does it mean to be truly [...]

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Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce (when a husband leaves)

The following article is written with the intention to help women in the early stages after a husband leaves. It is a time to reflect, mourn, get your act together and prepare for legal issues and potential battle. It is also a time to empower one’s self to be strong, and if there are children, [...]

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Supporting A Friend Through Her Divorce

Women navigating through the process of divorce are faced with many challenges. The support of a dear friend or family member makes the ride a lot more doable. The attitudes and responses of acquaintances and friends play a vital role for better or for worse. It is natural to not know what to say and [...]

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Lacking Self Confidence

Why are so many dynamic women lacking confidence in themselves and their abilities? What is this phenomenum and how can we all start saying YES to our true selves, in body, mind and soul? How can we be willing to be all that we are with CONFIDENCE in our relationships and within our “self”? Each [...]

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Persistence: A Vital Key To Living

We all want to live a life that we love yet we can get disillusioned or confused about what type of steps we need to take to make it a reality. Living the life you love requires awareness of what you want, along with a clear focus and determination – and, most of all, you [...]

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Vision Accomplished

Do you feel your life is lacking direction and clarity? Are you unsure of what you want? Are you feeling confused about this journey we call life? Vision is what you need and clarity will be the result. Creating a healthy, concise vision will bring the peace of mind and direction you crave. When you [...]