We live our daily lives doing our “work” – running errands, cleaning up, making phone calls and simply making order of this physical world. Most of us in this generation live lives in the fast lane. Children are enrolled in numerous programs, in addition to the long strenuous hours they spend at school. Parents are working hard to make ends meet. Running our lives at the speed of light forces many of us to not take a moment to see the wonder of the world or even simply to breathe. Yet, miracles and wonders are there for the noticing, all we need is to become aware of them.

Miracles in our daily lives may come in the form of what many call “coincidences.” Have you ever entered a full parking lot and just at that moment the perfect spot appears? Have you ever wanted to see a monarch butterfly and at that specific moment one goes by your window? Forgot to call someone and suddenly the phone rings and that person is on the line? Thinking of a friend from the past and the next day you bump into her as you are running errands? Got the idea!?

Personally, I call them small miracles. Small miracles are often referred to as coincidences or accidents but if we look closer we can see the Hand of G-d leading and sending us guidance. If our awareness is not keyed into the truth of the matter we may loose the opportunity to enjoy and see the “wink” from above. The question is: how do we open up to the miracles in our lives? I heard from the creator of Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul, Marci Shimoff, a formula that is helpful for increasing awareness and creativity – intention, attention and no tension. Know in your heart that good things can happen and be open to them. Set yourself up to be open to these Divine messages; be aware as you go through your daily life. Don’t allow tension to build up, allow yourself to let go and let G-d in. Watch as daily life flows from moment to moment with miracles.

As a life coach I feel I’d be remiss if I did not mention the miracle each one of us experiences daily – that of being alive! The fact that we are alive is a huge daily miracle not to be taken lightly. The gift of life we are given on a daily basis needs no further explaining. This requires a resounding “WOW” and THANK YOU!