About Julie

An award winning social issues advocate for human rights and environmental protection, Julie Starr has long been a dreamer and a doer. Determined to realize her own dreams, Julie founded Possibility Life Coaching for Women. Today, Julie works intimately with individuals and groups of women across North America who are eager to achieve personal growth, live their better lives and leave a positive mark on the world.

Julie is a graduate of Coach U, a life coaching school that equips leaders with the necessary skills and strategies to motivate others to take action and realize their unique potential. She honed her natural ability to empower women, strengthen their self-esteem and teach them the tools and habits necessary to achieve success, self-confidence and fulfillment.

Originally, Julie trained professionally as a dance therapist earning a 4 year degree from York University in Toronto. While working in schools and hospitals, she became acutely aware of the need for positive change in the world and became a respected social issues activist. Working tirelessly to effect change on real issues, she learned first-hand the “how to’s” of making things happen.

She soon became interested in helping women find confidence and joy in taking control and making things happen in their own lives. Julie has become a champion offering support, accountability and guidance to women who are passionate about realizing their own visions. She finds nothing more personally rewarding than helping women find their strength, vitality and resilience.

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