When you hear the word routine, what comes to mind?  Does it conger up a feeling of joy or dread?  In my life coaching practice I have seen many women react with dread but quickly change their mindset once I explain the essence of Joy available within routines.  Bottomline: Routines allow you to GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Life is full of routines.  Whether you realize it or not your life is organized by habitual actions throughout your day.  Some routines you’ve thought about and incorporated into your schedule such as brushing your teeth and setting up times for carpools.  Other routines are more on the subconscious level, like worrying about a certain topic daily.

In the dictionary routines are described as “commonplace tasks, chores, or duties that are done regularly or at specified intervals.”  They are also described as, “habitual, unvarying and unimaginative.”  It is the last part, unimaginative, that gives routines their bad name.   Why do routines have to be unimaginative?  Our lives are ours to design.  We have free will and the power of choice.  Choice by choice we can design lives that we enjoy, look forward to and serve our best interests for the good.  Routines help us do just this.  They can be created with fun and joy in mind.  Routines allow us to GET WHAT WE WANT!

Success rates soar when proper routines are in place.   Want to create a healthy lifestyle?  Set up exercise, eating and relaxation routines that serve you.  Looking to be successful at business?  Set up networking, scheduling and social media routines that work for you.

Get the idea?!  It’s all about creativity and designing a life that is pleasurable.  Living the life you love, Loving the life you live!

Take a moment and look at your daily structure of routines.

  1. What is my usual way of waking up?  What routines could enhance my physical, mental and spiritual growth at the beginning of my day?
  2. What routines follow in the next couple of hours?
  3. Do my evening routines create the essence of peace and connection that I’m looking for?
  4. What new routines and habits would I like to include in my life NOW?

I challenge you to choose which routines serve your life best and follow through with these while dropping the routines that do not serve you.  I challenge you to find the calming, comforting joy of routines. You will GET WHAT YOU WANT by creating a supportive lifestyle and environment with daily routines that serve you!