Words from Clients

“Julie starr is an incredible life coach. There are times in our lives when we just have too much on our plate.

It’s difficult to know what comes first and what comes second.
Julie helped me realize what came first was making sure I was ok and that I had set aside time for my care and welfare.

Honestly, it doesn’t come easily for me but Julie has given me the understanding of how important it is in our life’s pursuits to fit “down time in “and learn to live our lives with joy and ease rather than stress and hurry.”

Rebbetzin Gail Michalowicz, Toronto, Canada
“Julie is an outstanding coach, reminding me that in the pursuit of great goals, it is also important to reward myself for small successes and to give myself credit for what I’ve already accomplished. She is a compassionate voice of reason, inspiration and possibility. In a world full of opportunity, she has helped me see the joy to be found in where I am right now and the potential that lies within, not only in concrete accomplishments. Thank you Julie!”
Elizabeth, Toronto, Canada
“Julie is a capable, warm professional. She uses many different tools to guide me towards my goal of authorship. Her patience and insight into what is really needed to wade through my writing challenges has been truly uplifting.”
Fran, Washington, USA
“The Self Compassion-Self Care Program is an exceptional journey. Julie’s coaching is gentle, inspiring and motivating. The program helped me in uncovering true self-love and gave me the tools necessary to continue to express self-compassion that is often overlooked. The program is an eye opener and I look forward to many more coaching programs with Julie.”
Soula, Toronto, Canada
“Worth every penny of her priceless sessions! I actually took the initiative and said “no” to a request, and it was accepted well. Julie Starr is EMPOWERING! She really cares for her clients. Her work brings more joy into my life!”
Malka, Atlanta, USA
“Great listener. She really gets women’s lives and struggles and is always coming up with great life hacks.”
Ronda, Toronto, Canada
“Taking Julie’s class helped me in so many ways. Julie has taught me so much, like when things get rough i should look within myself and ask: what is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment? It’s such a simple question but so powerful! I use this tool daily and I am much calmer, relaxed and happier. Julie is so compassionate and kind and I am so blessed to have met her. She has taught me the importance of self care and gave me so many tools and techniques.”
Galit M. , NY, USA
“Julie’s patient, persistent and organized approach to coaching was just the right combination to get me to focus my goals.

I felt empowered as I succeeded at moving forward. When I didn’t give myself a productive measure of credit-Julie was there to encourage me to stay focused. I am very appreciative.”

Terri, Thornhill, Canada
“Thank you so much for your authentic encouragement and support. After our session I went on Hiatus-no emails, follow ups–nothing for two days!! I feel so much better. Funny enough, I got a call for an interview….”
Sarah, Toronto, Canada
“You’ve helped me with so much, Julie — getting my house ready to sell and move. Finding my dream apartment, thinking positive. Getting rid of clutter (still working on that). Taking action. Boosting my writing career and so much more.”
Ruby Gross, Atlanta, USA
“Julie has been my Life Coach for several years, and in every single Session I always come out feeling supported, inspired and motivated, to put my challenges into action. She has gently guided me through many difficult hardships by being caring, supportive, loving and empathetic; and challenging me to get things in motion and have more joy in my life. I am very grateful for Julie, who has taught me valuable strategies, and helped me build emotional strength, confidence and self-esteem. She is my Angel, and I look forward to continuing my work with her in the years to come. I highly recommend her to every woman. Thank You so much for believing in me, and for helping me become a better Me.”
Kassi Karagianis, Richmond Hill, Canada
“I use your life coaching all the time. Just told a recent widow to be “gentle” on herself as my life coach taught me. You could also help widows as you helped me. I think you had a major part in my being able to marry again. Your support was and continues to be invaluable. Thank you with all my heart.”
RGK, Baltimore USA
“After my coaching sessions with Julie I feel so deeply calm and centered. I like having a path towards my goals. Thank you for helping me create steps for myself.”
Chana, Savannah, USA
“Julie is such a gift in my life. Her kindness, compassion and sincerity are like pure oxygen! Whoever is blessed to have Julie Starr as her coach will find that she trusts and loves herself more fully. She will find that she is able to be gentle with herself more consistently. Most importantly, she will be motivated to follow her dreams and greatest aspirations more confidently!”
Andrea, Toronto, Canada
“Julie, Thank You for another great and unique Course and experience! The topics and lessons are very valuable in helping me take better Care of Me.You always provide the Tools for helping me make things happen in my life!”
Kassi, Toronto, Canada
“Since your one hour coaching teleconference call, I have overcome many major procrastinations that I was really stuck in. I mean really stuck. (years) There has been a lot of organizing going on, in the home which has lead to other things like an exercise program, and generally clearer thinking and focus.
During your class, I wrote like mad, as you really filled the hour with a lot of information.
Julie, you have a gift of teaching and inspiring. What you say is extremely informative, but also it is the sincerity and whole-heartedness of how you say it that touches the soul. Thank you.”
Bailah, Richmond Hill, Canada
“I was introduced to Julie by my personal trainer who thinks the world of her and the work she does. I was totally unfamiliar with the concept of coaching sessions over the phone and had my reservations about this method of communication. To my surprise, what was to be a few sessions has continued for over two years.

Julie’s coaching approach, teaching methodology and communication skills are exceptional. Her excellent organization and personal approach are obvious in all she does. The work we do together has made a major impact on my physical and emotional well-being, helping me maintain a positive attitude during many difficult moments in my life.

Embraced by the loving care and sincere interest in my wellness, I look forward to many more effective, relaxing sessions, solid advice and moral support. Thank you Julie! .”

Helen, Stouffville, Canada