I met a hero the other day. Someone who lifted up my day when I was struggling to get by. Someone who went out of his way to suggest ways for me to help myself. Someone who cared.

Nowadays we hear a lot about Super-Heroes. Movies are full of them. Saving lives and making huge changes for others is all in a day’s work. The type of hero I’m writing about isn’t from this school of heroism. They don’t have movies made expressing the goodness that they do BUT their heroism is just as huge. They are the everyday heroes and we each can be a part of this group if we stretch just a little bit.

Tanny was my hero. My car broke down on the highway and I struggled to get off safely and find a place to call for help. I ended up parking on a side road where travelers pass by to stop at a station for gas and a snack. To make a long story short I ended up waiting over three hours for my car to be towed. Three hours is a long time for any human being to wait. Nature calls and although it was a glorious day, it was hot and the sun beamed down.

Having sought the facilities from another shop with a negative reply, I was feeling somewhat desperate. Right next door is where I met Tanny. He stood tall with a smile and an aura of kindness surrounded him. All who entered the service station were greeted with warmth and a familiar friendliness. If I lived in that area of the world I’d also use this service station just for the joy that Tanny exudes.

Not only did he allow me to use his facilities, but he invited me to stay in the store for the air conditioning while I waited for the tow. My red face must have been a sight! His comforting hero-like energy restored my faith in humanity. We can help each other; with simple acts of kindness the world can be saved.

3 Tips on how to use your Every Day Hero Energy:

  1. Say YES. Whether it’s the use of your car, your time or your facilities you can help another have a good day.
  2. Reach out when you see someone struggling. It could be you one day.
  3. Bring meaning to another’s life. Go play the piano at a hospice or teach a child how to ride a bike or give another a lesson on love and kindness. Be a mentor to someone who needs your knowledge.

In life coaching we stress the importance of living a life you love and loving the life you live. Seeing goodness in the world makes living so worthwhile. I feel deep appreciation for Tanny and all the other every day heroes in our midst who use their power to change things for the good. We don’t have to be famous or be featured in the latest magazine. Change happens when we act with a conscious intention to bring goodness into the world. Making a difference is a one on one experience.